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Indiewire: Springboard Wildlike Director Frank Hall Green Went to 150 Film Festival and Doesn't Regret It, Kate Erbland, September 25, 2015

"Interview: 'Wildlike' Director Frank Hall Green" The Movie Blog, Jim Alexander, October 2, 2015

Interview with Frank Hall Green, THE MOVIE NETWORK: Nick Leyland, September 30, 2015

Interview MOVIESPACK Director Frank Hall Green on 'Wildlike' and Backpacking Denali, September 30, 2015

THE CELEBRITY CAFÉ .com: Interview, Wildlike director Frank Hall Green, Will Ashton, September 30, 2015

Award News: Interview with 'Wildlike' writer/producer/director Frank Hall Green (Exclusive), September 30, 2015

REVIEW Diversions LA, Dances With Films, October 2, 2015
Frank Hall Green has written and directed a simply stunning film – see it in theaters and VOD this October. Star Ella Purnell is poised to be a breakout."

REVIEW FILM SCHOOL REJECTS, Rob Hunter, September 30, 2015
"Finds beauty in unlikely places"

REVIEW Los Angeles Times "'Wildlike' employs a sensitive touch amid natural splendor" Katie Walsh, September 24, 2015
"Green displays a delicate touch on the material..."Wildlike" is an uncommon and deeply sensitive take on this type of story."

REVIEW Juneau Empire "Green gets Alaska right in 'Wildlike'", Clint J. Farr, September 30, 2015
"Wildlike" showcases a smart filmmaker using considerable technical prowess to create a setting as a character."

REVIEW REEL GEORGIA (Atlanta) "'Wildlike' Review, September 25, 2015
"I also loved that more than anything this film was an ode to Alaska—to nature's faithfulness to what's true and honest and beautiful, to its healing powers and to its overwhelming beauty."

REVIEW Common Sense Media, Amanda Nojadera, September 29, 2015
"A profound coming-of-age drama"

REVIEW SPECTRUM CULTURE, Peter Tabakis, September 29, 2015
"A hushed and piercing little picture"

REVIEW Red Carpet Crash, Movie Review "Wildlike", Ryan Unger, October 6, 2015
"The rapport between Mackenzie and Bart never seems forced; as viewers, we like to see human connection at its best, and Wildlike doesn't disappoint."

REVIEW The New York Times, 'Wildlike' Pits a Teenage Girl Against the Alaskan Wilderness, Daniel Gold, September 24, 2015
"The "Wildlike" landscapes are exhilarating"

REVIEW Cinemablographer: September 25, 2015
"Wildlike takes audiences on a quietly powerful journey"

REVIEW Now Toronto: Indie Film Spotlight, "Wildlike" Ella Purnell and Bruce Greenwood pack a lot of emotion, Radheyan Simonpillai, September 23, 2015
"Writer/director Frank Hall Green proves a talent to watch in his debut"

REVIEW Indiewire: Refreshing, respectful Wildlike starring Bruce Greenwood Ella Purnell and Brian Geraghty, The Play List, Oktay Ege Kozak, September 25, 2015
"a semi-slow burn experience that takes its subject matter and characters seriously"

REVIEW Eclipse Magazine: WildLike – 1 Scared, Scarred Girl + 1 Scarred, Tired Old Man = 1 Sweetly Melancholy Movie!, Sheldon Wiebe, September 25, 2015
"WildLike is a genuine treasure"

REVIEW Press Reader: National Post, Post Movies "Wildlike", September 25, 2015
"Wildlike has become a film festival darling"

REVIEW Buzznet: Movie Maven, Jeri Jacquin, September 24, 2015
"A brilliantly done film"

REVIEW Smells Like Screen Spirit: Wildlike, AFF Review. Linc Leifeste, September 25, 2015
"A poignant, pitch-perfect story of the devastating impact of sexual abuse and the healing power of nature, Wildlike movingly illustrates both the potential for evil in man and the redemptive possibilities of unexpected human connections."

REVIEW In The Seats: Solid Melodrama, A Review of Wildlike, Anthony Marcusa, September 25, 2015
"Wildlike is worthy watch led by two strong leads and a gorgeous setting"

REVIEW The Seattle Times: 'Wildlike': Runaway teen's journey stays on the right path, Tom Keogh, September 24, 2015
"full of raw, un­filtered possibility"

REVIEW Anchorage Press: Alaska-filmed Flick Prepares for National Release, Indra Arriaga, September 24, 2015
"Wildlike is a love letter to Alaska" "Wildlike is a strong film"

REVIEW Fresh Fiction: Rapid Movie Review: 'SICARIO', 'ASHBY', '7 CHINESE BROTHERS' and 'WILDLIKE', September 24, 2015
"Last year WILD grabbed some Academy Award nominations and demanded to be seen for its prestige...That film should have taken a page out of the book of WILDLIKE, a true independent drama that capitalizes on subtlety, but doesn't skimp on the performances. The gauntlet has been thrown WILDLIKE is a superior movie"

REVIEW Alaska Dispatch News: Wildlike the antidote to phony versions of Alaska on film, September 26, 2015
""Wildlike" is vast and unpredictable, at turns gorgeous and tragic, isolating and exhilarating."

INTERVIEW: HILLARY SPERA ON COMMUNING WITH NATURE – HUMAN AND OTHERWISE – IN "WILDLIKE" , The adventurous cinematographer talks about her latest trek, finding beauty in the story of a young girl in the Alaskan wilderness, Stephen Saito, September 24, 2015

Hickory Record: Hickory film society awards four awards at inaugural festival. Joshua Farmer, September 29, 2015

CDA News: Wildlike Shows Real Alaska Not the Hollywood Sarah Palin Version, August, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, New York Times, September 2, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, IMDB, September 2, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, ROTTEN TOMATOES: September 2, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, ACESHOWBIZ August 31, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, HOT NEW TRAILERS YOUTUBE August 31, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, HOLLYWOOD-ELSEWHERE: Jeffrey Wells, August 31, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, LIVE FOR FILMS: September 1, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, TRAILER ADDICT: August 31, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, VIDEO ETA: August 31, 2015

Wildlike Official Trailer, WORLD MOVIE TRAILERS YOUTUBE, September 1, 2015

THE BLOT: "September's 5 Must See Movies", Dorri Olds, September 3, 2015

AM NEW YORK: 2015 Fall Movie Preview, Scott Rosenberg, September 4, 2015

HOLLYWOOD REPORTER: "New Movies, TV on iTunes in September" Hilary Lewis, September 3, 2015

LOS ANGELES TIMES: The 2015 Fall Movie Preview. Oliver Gettell and Ed Stockly, September 3, 2015

Exclusive: New Wildlike Poster on JUST JARED and JUST JARED JR

REVIEW Michigan Daily: 'Wildlike' a tale of self-discovery in Alaskan wilderness. Rebecca Lerner, Daily Arts Writer, Tuesday, October 13, 2015

IndieWire - 20th Stony Brook Film Festival Welcomes 'Best of Enemies,' 'Wildlike' and More By Zack Sharf

AM New York - 5 must-sees at the Brooklyn Film Festival By ROBERT LEVIN

Newsday - Stony Brook Film Festival announces 20th Anniversary Line-Up

REVIEW - BC - - DWF Movie Review: 'Wildlike' – A Journey through Loss and Abuse to Redemption - LeoOfMars
"innovation, talent, creativity, and sweat equity" rather than celebrity. All those good qualities are evident in Wildlike.

Wildlike: Contemplating Content - Wildlike filmmakers speak to silence - Anchorage Press - Dawnell Smith
"Wildlike stirs an emotional wanderlust without sugar coating the hardships and miles along the way."

Atlanta Film Festival Review - "Must See" - Khylen Steward
"I will say that if and when you head out to the Atlanta Film Festival, you should put Wildlike on your must-see list. As far as dialogue, story and visuals are concerned, the film excels."

Atlanta Film Festival Review - "Must See"- Dean Treadway
"it's the confident cast backed by Green's searing and always authentic screenplay, that one walks away remembering most thankfully."

'WildLike'; gorgeous, moving film follows a troubled teen into the Alaskan wilderness: Cleveland...
"Breathtaking painterly landscapes by cinematographer Hillary Spera fill "WildLike," a film by writer/director Frank Hall Green."

REVIEW at CIFF39 - By Andrea Simakis, The Plain Dealer

REVIEW Girl Vs Planet - Phoenix Film Festival Sheryl at

American Literary Magazine - Review - Brandon Latham - DC Film Festival
"A genre-defying film with an unmistakable indie spirit, Frank Hall Green's directorial debut, Wildlike, is a wonderful viewing experience that is both breathtaking to look at and refreshingly optimistic. Much like one of its central characters, the film seeks to quietly meditate on grief and explores whether it is right to accept tragedy and move on or defiantly hold on tight."

Companion Article Wildlike "Contemplating Content" - Anchorage Press - Teeka A. Ballas
"By embracing a topic made invisible, yet indelible by its effects, Wildlike stirs an emotional wanderlust without sugar coating the hardships and miles along the way."

Anchorage Press Review - Teeka A. Ballas
"Wildlike is a movie about survival on a very core level with a masterful delivery of solid, well-researched characters. In a display of impressive prowess by screenwriter Frank Hall Green, his directorial debut, Wildlike, grapples demons and deliverance against the backdrop of Alaska's immense wilderness with great agility."

IMDB top ranked 100 U.S. Dramas of all time

The Hollywood Reporter - January 21 2015
"Lasse Hallstrom to Direct 'Boy21' for 'Foxcatcher' Exec Producer's New Company"

Examiner Review - 5/5 Stars - Jacquiline Guirgi
"Wildlike is quietly Profound"
"Wildlike explores an emotional and physical terrain that will steal you away"

THR Article on Woodstock Film Festival - Mitch Myers:
"Wildlike starring Bruce Greenwood and directed by Frank Hall Green is a beautiful and dramatic film that shrewdly deals with sexual abuse while simultaneously reveling in the expansive and breathtaking backdrop of the Alaskan frontier."

RVA News - Richmond Film Festival - Susan Howson
"An unbelievable journey that's believable"
"We've seen the whole thing, and wooooo boy, is it worth watching!"

The Hollywood Reporter Review - Justin Lowe
"A restrained perspective on some potentially volatile subject matter and a couple of nuanced performances could help the film gain traction with sympathetic audiences and outdoor enthusiasts alike."

The Moveable Fest - Stephen Saito
"(Frank Hall Green) show(s) a restraint and a confidence that would seem to derive from knowing he's got all the right pieces to put together something special and letting a compelling drama emerge naturally from them."

Alaska Dispatch News, Review - Egan Millard
"Director Frank Hall Green rounds out all the characters in the film -- Alaska among them -- with nuance and restraint."

Spokane 7, February 7, 2015, "Leonard A. Oakland Film Festival"

Capital Gazette, February 6, 2015, "On with the show: Third annual Annapolis Film Festival set for next month"

Inlander, February 5, 2015, "Life is Beautiful at SPIFF"

Patch, "Wildlike Premieres at the New Jersey Film Festival this Sunday, February 8, 2015!"

Daily Targum, January 30, 2014, "Film festival to see 33rd year"

PR Newswire, January 27, 2015, Inception Film Partners Acquires International Sales Rights To Alaskan Adventure "Wildlike"

Central Jersey, January 26, 2015, "A Place for Film Lovers"

Screen Daily, January 25, 2015, "Inception Film Partners boards Wildlike"

Asbury Park Press, January 25, 2015, "New Jersey Film Festival returns to Rutgers University"

The Hollywood Reporter, January 21 2015, "Lasse Hallstrom to Direct 'Boy21' for 'Foxcatcher' Exec Producer's New Company"'

New Jersey Stage, "WILDLIKE"

EBTV, January 12, 2015, "NJ Film Festival Spring 2015: "Wildlike""

Anchorage Press, December 11, 2014, "Contemplating content: Wildlike filmmakers speak to silence."

Anchorage Press, December 11, 2014
, "Demons and Deliverance: Wildlike is a movie about survival on a very core level…"

Selig Film News, "2014 AFF: Bruce Greenwood and Ella Purnell—Wildlike"

Your Alaska Link, December 5, 2014, ""Wildlike" To Open The Anchorage International Film Festival"

Alaska Dispatch News, December 5, 2014, "Highlights from the Anchorage International Film Festival"

Napa Broadcasting, November 2014, "Wildlike—Frank Hall Green"

Nancy Brown Travel, November 20, 2014, Movie Review: Wildlike

We are Movie Geeks, November 19, 2014, "SLIFF 2014 Interview: Frank Hall Green – Director of WILDLIKE"

The Hollywood Reporter, November 18, 2014, "'WildLike': Napa Valley Review"

Naples International Film Festival, November 11, 2014, "Naples International Film Festival 2014 - #NIFF2014 - Wildlike"

Eye On South Florida, "Wildlike takes home Best American Indie at FLIFF"

Star Watch, Novevember 5, 2014, "Frank Hall Green and Nolan Gerard Funk interview at 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival"

Binside TV, "Nolan - 'Glee' actor Nolan Funk talks about his role on 'Arrow'"

Peter's Livingroom, "Interview: Director of WildLike- Frank Hall Green"

Memphis Flyer, "Indie Memphis Film Festival 2014"

Commercial Appeal, "Indie Memphis Daily: Friday Viewer's Guide"

Moveable Fest, "Austin Film Fest '14 Review: Purnell, Greenwood Warm Up the Cool Survival Tale "WILDLIKE""

Huffington Post, October 23, 2014, "Woodstock Film Festival Showcases Edgy Indie Fare"

The Hollywood Reporter, October 20, 2014, "Natalie Portman, Jennifer Connelly Honor Darren Aronofsky at Woodstock Film Festival"

Saratogian, October 20, 2014, "Acting, activism, economics at Woodstock Film Festival"

Long Island Exchange, October 19, 2014, "The 22nd Annual Hamptons International Film Festival; October 9th Through October 13, 2014"

Woodstock Film Festival, October 19, 2014, "Wildlike Film: Interview with Frank Hall Green"

Examiner, October 17, 2014, 
"Woodstock Film Festival 2014: 'Wildlike' is quietly profound"

Cucalorus, October 18, 2014, "Cucalorus 20 Releases Full Film Lineup"

Daily Freeman, October 17, 2014, "Actor Bruce Greenwood, who plays "Bart" in "Wildlike," talks about shoot in Alaska"

Alaska Business Monthly, October 15, 2014, "Anchorage International Film Festival Announces 2014 Films", October, 2014, "INTERVIEW: Nolan Gerard Funk And Frank Hall Green On The 3,000 Mile Trek Across Alaska For "Wildlike"

Zimbio, October, 2014, "Hamptons International Film Festival: Day 2"

The Fashionisto, October 12, 2014, "Nolan Gerard Funk Wears Vivienne Westwood To Hamptons International Film Festival"

Just Jared, October 12, 2014, "Nolan Gerard Funk Takes 'Wildlike' To The Hamptons"

Getty Images, October 10, 2014, "The 2014 Hamptons International Film Festival: Day 2"

Interview With The Artist, October 10, 2014, "Interview With The Artist: Frank Hall Green"

NY NBC CH 4, October 9, 2014, "Wildlike" at the Hamptons International Film Festival"

Dans Papers, October 9, 2014, "22nd Hamptons International Film Festival Kicks Off This Weekend"

We are Movie Geeks, October 8, 2014, "Watch Bruce Greenwood in Wildlike Trailer"

Tracking Board, October 8, 2014, "Wildlike Trailer"

IndieWire, October 8, 2014, "Watch: A Teenage Runaway Comes of Age In Alaskan Interior in Exclusive"

Hamptons International Film Festival, October 7, 2014, "Q&A: Frank Hall Green On The Escape, Adventure and Nature of "Wildlike"

27 EAST, October 7, 2014, "Wildlike Review"

WAMC, October 1, 2014, "Woodstock Film Festival—Bruce Greenwood"

Woodstock Film Festival, September 2014, "15th Annual Woodstock Film Festival Unveils 2014 Films In Competition"

Times Enterprise, September 30, 2014, "Covey of Celebrities"

Austin Film Festival, September 24, 2014, "Staff Picks: Wildlike"

IndieWire, September 24, 2014, "'Still Alice' to Close Hamptons International Film Festival, Complete Lineup Announced"

Deadline, August 27, 2014, "Napa Valley Film Fest Says "The Show Must Go On" Despite Quakes, Sets Lineup"

Variety, August 27, 2014, "Napa Valley Film Festival Sets Lineup in Wake of Quake"

V Magazine, June 2014, "Ella Purnell: As the younger Angelina Jolie in Malificent, Ella Purnell casts a dreamlike spell", September 10, 2013, "Bruce Greenwood Talks into Darkness Pikes Death and More"

Juneau Empire, August 30, 2012, "New Film Presents Alaska, Alaskans Might Relate"